At SBS Payroll, we understand that Time & Attendance is an important function for all employers. The ability to automate timekeeping with your payroll and HCM software solution is ideal. All the great benefits of a single source platform with the ease of one time data input makes adding on timekeeping a “no-brainer.”

Some of the benefits of an integrated timekeeping solution include:

  • A timekeeping solution that ensures compliance with labor laws, government and union regulations.
  • Maintaining employee data in one location.
  • A system that is designed to identify and alert you of potential payroll issues before they occur.
  • A system that has the capability to capture assignments, projects and expenses regardless of location of the employee or office.

Our core payroll and HR product is cloud-based and user-friendly with increased accuracy, which makes processing your payroll easier than ever before. With our core package, you have the basics in place if you decide to scale up and include time & attendance or benefits enrollment all within one source. No more duplicate data entry, or importing and exporting between separate applications. Your employees will have access to Employee Self-service – improving their engagement and satisfaction.

Time is important. Automated timekeeping is vital.

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