The key to a Human Capital Management (HCM) solution is the ability to create efficiencies for all departments who provide employee services. With our core payroll and HR basics plus the addition of the benefits module with Affordable Care Act (ACA) reporting & management, life insurance, and life events to name a few, really does create efficiencies. The benefactor of these efficiencies truly is your employees.

For you as the servicing department, there is still the benefit of a single source platform with the ease of one time data input – awesome. When it comes to ACA, the reporting includes the ability to identify and track part-time employees who have met the variable hours requirements for benefits. Reporting also includes the ability to track internal employment status and ACA status independently.

Benefits are key to recruiting and keeping happy employees. Online benefits enrollment allows employees to sign up in the comfort of their own home while EDI carrier feed capabilities ease data exchange for your administrator. Our solution provides the tools you and your employees need to administer the benefits they count on.

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