The VM Batch: Voided and Manually Recorded Checks

Friday, December 30, 2011
The VM Batch: Voided and Manually Recorded Checks

When voiding a payroll check or entering a manual check within the payroll system, you are automatically creating was is called the “VM Batch.” The VM Batch is separate from your normal payroll batch(es) and should be treated as such.

Please remember the following important points in regards to the VM Batch;

  • When running your pre-process register prior to submitting payroll, it is best to run the report for all the payroll batches. This will insure that you are looking at checks for all batches, including the VM batch, and allow you to verify the void and manual check information that will be submitted for processing.
  • When submitting payroll, please ensure that all of your batches are, in fact, closed (look for the blue check mark) and that you submit all payroll batches. If the VM batch is not closed and submitted with the regular batches, SBS Payroll will not receive the information, thus not recording the information you had entered.
  • Neglecting to close and submit the VM batch could lead to costly corrections and tax amendments down the road.



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