• Vacation Policy Best Practices

    Vacation Policy Best Practices

    Date : Monday, June 25, 2018

    While the thought of summer vacation may turn many people's thoughts to beach towels or Margaritas (or both), for business owners the associations can be a lot less pleasant. ..

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  • Best practices for employee vacation time

    Best practices for employee vacation time

    Date : Thursday, June 30, 2016

    People around the world look forward to the employer-provided days they’re allotted for vacation. It’s a time to unplug from company email and spend time relaxing. Unfortunately, many workers fail to take full advantage of their employee vacation time, and many are leaving some of the days unused, according to a report from Project Time Off, an initiative of the U.S. Travel Association. It’s important for people to use these days, as taking a break can improve productivity and employer satisfaction. ..

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