Simplifying Payroll and Benefits Issues, One Client at a Time

Friday, October 06, 2017
Simplifying Payroll and Benefits Issues, One Client at a Time

Open enrollment periods for health insurance can be a hectic time for HR departments.

While proactively setting open enrollment up for 2018 for one of our clients, one of our team members discovered a simpler way to handle HSA and resolved a problem related to benefits deductions for a commissioned employee, earning the gratitude of both HR and the employee.

This is just another example of our mission of providing the highest quality and proactive of payroll and HR services for our clients.

Open Enrollment Setup & Troubleshooting

By working with representatives of iSolved HCM software, our employee was able to troubleshoot the issue, report back to our client and let him know that we were already at work setting up the company's 2018 open enrollment process.

An email we received from our client: "I'm so glad to hear you are already working on the Open Enrollment for 2018 and I'm excited to see the changes. I more than appreciate I applaud the fact that we could simplify the HSA (that has not been pleasant for the employee or for benefits side) and am happy that payroll has been corrected regarding the commissioned employee and the benefits deduction. I just appreciate you and all of the work you've done and continue to do for (us) and our employees."

Our Mission Exemplified, Once Again

At SBS Payroll, reliability and commitment are core values and we love finding solutions that make payroll and benefits processing easier for our clients.

Our mission is to serve small and mid-sized businesses throughout Southern California and nationwide with a full suite of payroll, HR services and related support, including time and attendance, benefits administration and human capital management (HCM) software.

How Do We Compare

We are committed to providing the most responsive customer care by answering your questions on the first call. With access to our deep payroll and HR expertise, you can focus on your core business. Can you say the same of your payroll and HR services provider?



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