Guiding Employees Through Open Enrollment

Thursday, October 11, 2018
Guiding Employees Through Open Enrollment

While the rest of the company contemplates options for incorporating more pumpkin spice into their lives, human resources professionals are preparing for a completely different season.

It's open enrollment time and it's the job of the HR department to make sure that employees have the information they need to select the right benefit options. That may include help with choosing a plan for retirement savings.

According to the Social Security Administration, half of the workers in the private sector report having no private pension coverage and 36% report that neither they nor their spouse has saved any money for retirement.

At the same time, modern employees can expect to live even longer, substantially raising the amount of money it will take to support them through retirement.

In 1940, the life expectancy of a 65-year-old was about 14 years; today it is over 20 years.

HR Help for Retirement Planning

Workers are looking to employers to guide them in how to save, plan and prepare for retirement. Yet, fewer than 2 in 5 employers provide assistance in the form of educational resources, information about distribution options, retirement planning materials or the ability to make systematic withdrawals for retirement savings, according to research by the non-profit TransAmerica Center for Retirement Studies.

The organization's 18th Annual Retirement Survey finds, among other things, that "most employers (70%) consider their companies to be 'aging friendly,' while only 56% of workers feel the same."

Tools that employers can provide include quarterly statements of retirement savings, professional advice on how to invest retirement income, and online calculators and tools to project savings and income, including mobile apps, research shows.

But employers can do much more, according to the survey:

  • Promote available tax credits: Only 23% of employers are both aware of the Saver’s Credit and actively promoting it to their employees. This tax credit is available for eligible taxpayers saving for retirement in a qualified IRA.
  • Offer automatic enrollment in 401(k)s or similar plans: Only 22% of plan sponsors offer the automatic enrollment even though 81% of workers find it appealing.
  • Promote both retirement savings and healthy lifestyles: While most employees are not saving enough for medical expenses in retirement, healthy habits can decrease future medical costs.
  • Encourage employees to maintain up-to-date job skills so they can continue working longer. Many older workers report interest in phased retirement, where they can work part-time before full retirement.

Invest in Human Capital Management Software

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